[ic] Unusual IC search issue

doug1 at ultimatepassage.com doug1 at ultimatepassage.com
Tue Jan 3 21:05:39 EST 2006

> For the archive's sake...what syntax errors are you referring to?  Seems
> to me the > and < in the values would cause some problems, but it'd be
> nice to know for sure.
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I forgot the ">" at the end of some of the regular expression lines so 
instead of <input type=hidden name=op value="rm">, I had just <input 
type=hidden name=op value="rm"

The lines immediately following these lines was the code specifing the 
numeric comparision i.e.  <input type=hidden name=nu value="0">.  It was 
this code that didn't work because of the syntax error on the line above 
it.  Since I work just about exclusively in the Linux/Unix environment, 
all my testing was using Konqueror and Mozilla/Firefox.  These browsers 
didn't care about the syntax error.  When I tried it on explorer, the 
search would fail.  Unfortunatly for me, I became fixated on the numeric 
comparison logic and just could not see the flawed code one line above. 
Once I got some sleep and looked at it again, the light went on.

So now for the archive's sake, my apparent inability to type and 
comprehend what I just typed has been recorded.  :)


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