[ic] Splitting the userdb

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Jan 9 11:51:33 EST 2006

Quoting Lars Tode (lars.tode at bpanet.de):
> Hi Mike.
> In case I'll modified the Interchange source (5.3) for our customer,
> I'll submit the changes to you if you want. If you are interessted,
> somethings I should know about conventions?

Dear Lars,

We typically try to make table and field names settable -- i.e. no
hardcoding. You should see examples of this in UserDB. The
$Vend::Cfg->{UserDB}{$profile} hash provides some configuration space --
you could set something with:

	UserDB default common_address_table user_common

But I usually can't resist putting my hands on submitted code anyway,
so I wouldn't worry too much. 8-)

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