[ic] Assistance Request

Simon Swegles simon at swegles.com
Tue Jan 10 17:41:06 EST 2006

I am running <http://3prongstudios.com/phpinfo.php>.
My test catalog is <http://www.cmedinformation.com/serv>
I installed IC today as an unprivileged user on a specific virtual 
domain using the included README and inline instructions. It runs great, 
but only when that user is logged in to SSH. I can log in to the 
customer or admin interfaces, make changes, and see those changes 
reflected. As soon as I log off SSH I start getting "Internal Server 
Error" on various pages that I had just been accessing successfully. 
Checking TOP shows that interchange is still running under that username.

Simply logging back in to SSH as that user resolves the error.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Simon Swegles

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