[ic] the new icdevgroup site..

JT Justman jt-lists at sirius.airdelights.com
Tue Jan 17 09:44:39 EST 2006

Flight 800 wrote:
>> Strange...
> Whoa, I didn't even know they changed the site until I saw this.  The old
> site looked much better...

Well, if it makes the site easier to maintain for whoever is doing the
maintaining then I'm all for it. I think this version is more concise,
although I'm not sure I'm entirely a fan of the huge (779px x 84px) logo
banner, or the *B*olded *T*itle *C*ase *S*mall *C*aps *H*eader.

Beauty is that now I can easily disable the styles if I want. The code
is clean and the site is a good example of using IC for non-commerce
content management.

"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to
find easier ways to do something."
	- Robert Heinlein

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