[ic] Possible bug in cart "remove checkbox" functionality

Marty Tennison marty at sediva.com
Thu Jan 19 22:16:32 EST 2006

I've been tracking a bug on our site and I've finally reproduced it on 
the icdevgroup demo site.  But before calling it an interchange bug I'd 
like to know if anyone else can reproduce it.  I've reproduced this 
using firefox 1.5 on Linux and IE 6.0 on Windows.

History:  Every once in a while (about one occurrence very 2-3 months) 
an order comes into our store that has items with incorrect pricing, 
sku, description or other information.  It looks like the item in 
question is inheriting characteristics of an item which is sorted either 
ahead of it or behind it (as displayed in the cart)

Possible cause:  Double clicking (very quickly) on the "remove" 
check-box in the cart causes the cart contents to become corrupted when 
certain conditions exist.

4 steps to reproduce the symptom on icdevgroup demo cart (public store):

1) Go to the "painting supplies" area.

2) Add one each of the following items using the "buy list" button.
    1 - Spackling knife
    1 - Ergo Roller
    1 - Sanders Multipack
3) Go to cart. The spackling knife should be the first item in the cart. 
Set all options for all items that have options and recalculate cart.  
All items with options must have their option(s) set.

4) Double click (very quickly) the "remove" check-box on the spackling 
knife. (first item) 

If the bug appears, after the cart refreshes you should have two ergo 
rollers in your cart.  One will have sku os28004, the other is sku 
os28087.  Both should have the same description.

This bug is also present in our 5.2 cart and it has been with us for 
some time, maybe as far back as 4.8 or earlier.

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Marty Tennison
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