[ic] Breadcrumbs?

Rene Hertell interchange at hertell.com
Tue Jul 4 10:28:08 EDT 2006

Bob Puff wrote:
> I did just find this:
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/interchange/users/38451
> ...which advises this:
>> Edit this file: /path/to/interchange/bin/interchange
>> and make the second line read:
>> $ENV{PERL_SIGNALS} = "unsafe"; 
> That got rid of the warning message when I restart IC, but breadcrumbs
> still isn't working.  sigh.

What about other *.tag-files that you have in your UserTag directory (i
have them in /home/interch/interchange/code/UserTag). Do they work? try
for example with the [env] tag. Does it give you any output? If it does,
then IC includes that dir and it's files..

What about file permissions? Any wrong user that owns that file, etc.?


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