[ic] mv_no_session causing weird scratch behavior

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Mon Jul 10 09:37:08 EDT 2006

On Sun, 9 Jul 2006, Grant wrote:

>> > I'm setting some scratch variables via [seti] that aren't carrying
>> > over to the next page until I add an item to the shopping cart.  Then
>> > it works as expected.  I'm using mv_no_session and when I turn that
>> > off it works as expected from the start of the session.  Does this
>> > make sense to anyone?  My browser has cookies enabled and I'm using IC
>> > 5.2.
>> If you're using mv_no_session, you have no session. The scratch variables
>> are being set in a session that's never saved to disk. You can't have
>> both. :)
> Can you tell me a little more about the implications of this?  I
> thought mv_no_session just relied 100% on session cookies instead of
> URL strings.  Should [set] and [seti] only start saving scratch
> variables beyond the current page once an item is added to the
> shopping cart with mv_no_session?


I should ask you for more detail about what you mean by "I'm using 
mv_no_session". What exactly are you setting, and how?


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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