[ic] CONFIRMED BUG in 5.4 (Named and nested elsifs)

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Tue Jul 11 16:27:40 EDT 2006

Grant wrote:
>> > Yes that syntax works for me too, but the code you posted to test the
>> > elsif bug returns MOO2 for me on 5.2 when it should return MOO3.  Does
>> > it return MOO3 for you on 5.2?
>> Apologies, you are correct, it returns MOO2 on 5.4 as well as 5.2. I
>> guess there must be a bug with elsif parsing? You could rewrite that
>> statement differently to avoid the bug (obviously!)
> I'm kind of puzzled as to why this bug still exists.  It seems like
> nested elsifs would be a widely-used function of IC.  The bug does
> disappear if you use positional parameters instead of named, but
> evaluating two scratch variables against each other requires named
> parameters.
> Any chance a fix can be integrated into IC?  Even an acknowledgement
> of the problem from an IC developer would be nice.  I've literally
> been reporting this for years.

Confirmed and reported: http://bugs.debian.org/377876


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