[ic] authorize.net error

aaldrik groenewold altexx at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 14 14:42:49 EDT 2006

I'm trying to set up interchange 5.2 with authorize.net.(redhat linux, perl 
After working 1 week with this and many,many errors and reading all the 
mailing list, I am stuck on this. Authorize.net doesn't want to help me 
because this is what i got via email:
Authorize.Net does not offer scripting support to merchants. Authorize.Net 
is first and foremost a payment processing gateway and not an e-commerce 
development company.
But this what I have in my error_log file, error on check out page, settings 
in catalog,cfg and variable.txt.
Can you all, users of this mailing list, read this over and let me know what 
you think of this?
Are there some errors in my settings?
there is also a error that says "Mstatus---->failure" .Can somebody explain 
to me what Mstatus means? I can not find it in the mailing list.
By the way, It is not in test mode, I use my own creditcard, when i do 
"place order" I stay on checkout page with error but it is showing up on my 
merchant account with authorize.net under unsettled transactions (there it 
says "general error")
Thanks in advance for your help.

############error.log yLTBvjbf: - [14/July/2006:13:19:55 -0400] m_store 
/cgi-bin/m_store/process Safe: Can't locate object method "Dump" via package 
"Data::Dumper" (perhaps you forgot to load "Data::Dumper"?) at 
/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.6/i686-linux/Data/Dumper.pm line 483.
>         my $string = $Tag->uneval( { ref => $Session->{payment_result} });
>         $string =~ s/{/{\n/;
>         $string =~ s/,/,\n/g;
>         return $string;
> yLTBvjbf: - [14/July/2006:13:20:22 -0400] m_store 
/cgi-bin/m_store/process Safe: Real-time charge failed. Reason: Authorizenet 
error: This transaction has been declined. Please call in your order or try 
>		die errmsg(
>				"Real-time charge failed. Reason: %s\n",
>				errmsg($Session->{cybercash_error}),
>			); yLTBvjbf: - [14/July/2006:13:20:22 -0400] m_store 
/cgi-bin/m_store/process Route log failed. yLTBvjbf: - [14/July/2006:13:20:22 -0400] m_store 
/cgi-bin/m_store/process ERRORS on ORDER 104727:
>Error during creation of order routing log:
>Route log failed. at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Order.pm line 1997.

############checkout page
'x_address' => '214 ??????',

  'x_avs_code' => 'P',

  'x_city' => 'sa?????',

  'pop.error-message' => 'This transaction has been declined',

  'x_first_name' => 'aa????',

  'pop.avs_addr' => '213 ?????',

  'x_response_reason_code' => '210',

  'x_response_reason_text' => 'This transaction has been declined',

  'x_MD5_hash' => '567C3B80F8CB8FEC3C9BCA211A3C4178',

  'x_description' => '',

  'x_trans_id' => '1146125879',

  'x_ship_to_country' => 'US',

  'pop.avs_code' => 'P',

  'x_ship_to_first_name' => 'aa????',

  'x_email' => '          @hotmail.com',

  'x_cvv2_resp_code' => undef,

  'x_ship_to_zip' => '?????',

  'x_ship_to_company' => '',

  'x_last_name' => 'gr??????',

  'x_ship_to_city' => 'sa????',

  'x_method' => 'CC',

  'x_country' => 'US',

  'x_fax' => '',

  'x_ship_to_address' => '213 ????,

  'MStatus' => 'failure',

  'x_state' => 'TX',

  'pop.avs_zip' => '?????',

  'x_type' => 'auth_capture',

  'x_tax' => '',

  'x_zip' => '?????',

  'MErrMsg' => 'Authorizenet error: This transaction has been declined. 
Please call in your order or try again.',

  'x_freight' => '',

  'x_ship_to_last_name' => 'gr?????',

  'x_duty' => '',

  'pop.order-id' => '1148545879',

  'x_auth_code' => '',

  'pop.status' => '2',

  'pop.auth-code' => '',

  'x_company' => '',

  'x_phone' => '??? ??? ????',

  'x_ship_to_state' => 'TX',

  'x_invoice_num' => '',

  'x_response_code' => 2,

  'x_amount' => '7.99',

  'x_po_num' => '',

  'x_cust_id' => '',

  'x_response_subcode' => '2',

  'x_tax_exempt' => ''

## These routes are not order routes, but payment routes
Route  authorizenet  id           "__MV_PAYMENT_ID__"
Route  authorizenet  secret       "__MV_PAYMENT_SECRET__"
Route  authorizenet  host         "__MV_PAYMENT_HOST__"
Route  authorizenet  referer      "__MV_PAYMENT_REFERER__"
Route  authorizenet  trankey      "__AUTHNET_TRANKEY__"

Route  cybercash     configfile   "__CYBER_CONFIGFILE__"

Route  itransact     id           "__MV_PAYMENT_ID__"

Route  signio        id           "__MV_PAYMENT_ID__"
Route  signio        secret       "__MV_PAYMENT_SECRET__"
Route  signio        partner      "__MV_PAYMENT_PARTNER__"
Route  signio        vendor       "__MV_PAYMENT_VENDOR__"
Route  signio        host         "__MV_PAYMENT_HOST__"

Route  skipjack      id           "__MV_PAYMENT_ID__"
Route  skipjack      partner      "__MV_PAYMENT_PARTNER__"

variable AUTHNET_TRANKEY   <My transaction key>
variable MV_PAYMENT_HOST secure.authorize.net
variable MV_PAYMENT_PARTNER    authorizenet
variable MV_PAYMENT_ID   <my login ID>
variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE authorizenet
variable MV_PAYMENT_SECRET       <My transaction key>
variable PO_ACCEPTED
variable MV_PAYMENT_REFERER      
CreditCardAuto   No

MV_PAYMENT_HOST	secure.authorize.net	Payment
MV_PAYMENT_ID	<my login ID>	Payment
MV_PAYMENT_MODE	authorizenet	Payment
MV_PAYMENT_SECRET	<transaction key>	Payment
MV_PAYMENT_REFERER	https://www.my_domain.com/cgi-bin/m_store/process	Payment

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