[ic] Credit card CVV numbers

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 13:31:19 EDT 2006

> > I should have given more information on how I'm processing cards.  I
> > use the standard IC facilities to encrypt the CC info via GPG and have
> > it emailed to me, then I process it via a virtual terminal.  I was
> > wondering if the CVV info had been incorporated into that encrypted
> > block along with the account number and expiration date.  The reason
> > for all of this is PayPal's virtual terminal requires the CVV info so
> > I need to start collecting it right away.
> Yep, it does, actually.  You just need to add a form field to your
> checkout page with the name mv_credit_card_cvv2.
> Peter

Just what I was hoping for.  Thank you Peter.

- Grant

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