[ic] Preventing non-US orders from using realtimeprocessing

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Fri Jun 16 15:53:02 EDT 2006

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> > Curios if you found a solution to this - if so please let us know
> > your final solution.
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I finally took a look at some code.
Here is a brute force method..... there are side effects that need to 
be addressed.
Manually processing the credit card, and processing the order 
slightly different in the Admin UI
Need to put a message on the ord/finalize.html page letting customer 
know that the order may need a faxed copy of credit card, etc to 
properly ensure security (When country ne 'US").
Put a message in the emailed receipt stating the same thing as above....
and probably something else I forgot......

take a look at /etc/log_transaction
just add a test for the value of country eq "us"


[elsif variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE]
[if value country eq "US"]
                 return if $Scratch->{tmp_total} == $Scratch->{tmp_remaining};
                 my $msg = sprintf "Your credit card was charged 
%.2f", $Scratch->{tmp_remaining};
                 $Scratch->{pay_cert_total} = $Scratch->{tmp_total} - 
                 $Scratch->{charge_total_message} = $msg;
                 return "Credit card will be charged 
         Country: [value country]
         Charging with payment mode=[var MV_PAYMENT_MODE]
         [tmp name="charge_succeed"][charge route="[var 
MV_PAYMENT_MODE]" amount="[scratch tmp_remaining]" order_id="[value 
         [if scratch charge_succeed]
         [set do_invoice]1[/set]
         [set do_payment]1[/set]
         Real-time charge succeeded. ID=[data session payment_id] 
amount=[scratch tmp_remaining]
         Real-time charge FAILED. Reason: [data session payment_error]
                         delete $Scratch->{$_};
                 die errmsg(
                                 "Real-time charge failed. Reason: %s\n",
Forcing Offline credit card [value mv_credit_card_type] [value 
         Payment: [value name=mv_payment set="credit_card"]


Test at your own risk.....


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