[ic] IC database questions

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Mar 24 23:52:13 EST 2006

On 03/24/2006 10:39 AM, cyonkers at jpmc.com wrote:
> Additionally, I was wondering if there is any  existing info on converting
> a store and it's  product data that was created using the "default
> database" to MySQL?  If not would someone care to  provide an explaination
> of the path-of-least- resistance to accomplish this?

1.  Back everything up.

2.  Export all your tables.  From the admin UI click on the Tables tab, 
then click on one of the icons in the export column, it doesn't matter 
which table.  Select the "Multiple Table" tab, scroll down to the bottom 
and click on the "Check all" link, then scroll back up and click the 
"Perform Export" button.  Leave the Compress and "Excell Spreadsheet" 
checkboxes unchecked.  Note: I tried this in the demo and it doesn't 
work, so you may have to export one table at a time for this step. 
Alternatively if you always auto-export and you want to risk it you can 
skip this step.

3.  Log into mysql as a superuser, create your database and assign 
privlidges to a user account for it:
'username'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

3.  In the admin UI click the Administration tab, then the Database link 
under Edit Preferences. Check the boxes to the left of MYSQL, SQLDSN, 
SQLPASS and SQLUSER, then click in "Edit Checked".

4.  Set MYSQL to 1, SQLDSN to dbi:mysql:dbname, SQLPASS to your password 
for the db and SQLUSER to your username for the db.

5.  Cross your fingers and restart interchange.  At this point 
Interchange should automatically create all your tables in your mysql db 
and populate them with the data that you exported in step 2.

Good Luck,


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