[ic] NonTaxableField and tax_category

Joachim Schubert joachim at schubis-dd.de
Mon Mar 27 09:41:51 EST 2006

Hi all,

it seems that the NonTaxableField directive doesn't work 
at tax settings with tax_category: 

The following works (standard demo catalog):
1. Put the item os28009 in the basket
   (Group Hand Tools -> the very first: this item has nontaxable=1)
2. Log in as jdoe with password test
   (That user has dealer=1 and price_level=dealer therefore IC
    sets NonTaxableField to nontaxable from the Profile dealer 
    in the catalog.cfg)
3. Go to Checkout -> Express and choose State Indiana and Recalculate
   (Tax setting is here 6%)
4. The Salestax is 0 - this is ok. 
   (When you logout and go to Checkout -> Express, 
	choose State Indiana and Recalculate - you get Salestax: $0.60)

But I need salestax with several tax_categories so i changed in UI: 
Admin -> Preferences:Tax -> Taxfield to: VAT and then 
Admin -> Commerce -> Tax -> Tax type: "VAT"
                            Tax data: "default = 10%, food = 0%"
Clicked "Set tax type" and "Apply changes". From this point the notax feature 
doesn't work. Salestax is always calculated. Have tried with 
taxtype "state" and "vat", at the online demo catalog and local.  
Feature or bug?


Btw: There is a small typo in the demo catalog in include/checkout/shopping_cart:
The QUANTITY PRICING Link results to "Sorry, the page (quantity osXXX) was not found"
  <a href="[area href="quantity [item-code]"]" class="cartlink">
works for me:
  <a href="[area href="quantity" arg="[item-code]"]" class="cartlink">

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