[ic] undefined catalog

Ryan Perry rperry at madisonip.com
Tue Mar 28 17:04:28 EST 2006

> One general advice is, look in your interchange.cfg and see if there
> is a catalog named "test" defined, and has /test as cgi or alias name
> ( Catalog test DIRECTORY CGI ALIAS ... )

Catalog         test    /usr/local/interchange/catalogs/test /test.cgi

(no scriptalias)
> I also think there could be a problem in naming the stuff. The script
> must be named after the catalog, so if your catalog is named 'test',
> then test.cgi is too much of a name.
> Also, supposing that test.cgi would work, maybe it cannot connect to
> the Unix socket (bad permissions), so you get the error that you do.

SocketPerms 0666

> In any case, I'd advise installing Interchange again, and trying to  
> create
> just the basic demo catalog that works. Then, once there, you could
> try playing with mod_perl, Interchange::Link or whatever, and you  
> could
> always revert to known-working state.

Honestly, I installed Interchange::Link because I had problems with  
vlink, even after a manual compile.  I have been creating my catalog  
as the interch user, would that be a problem?

Thanks for your advice!


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