[ic] Gentoo ebuild

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Nov 2 10:19:21 EST 2006

Grant <emailgrant at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'd make an ebuild out of the core with single-instance
> > LSB installation and an auto-created "interchange" user and group.
> > I'd just create a pkg_postinst() section with an ewarn to tell the
> > user to run makecat.
> >
> Has the user changed from interch to interchange?
The user can be whatever you want it to be.  The suggested single-user
username used to be "interch" because of the old eight-character limit.
I prefer to use "interchange" these days.  Then again, I tend to have
lots of Interchange instances on each server, so I don't usually make
use of an "interchange" username at all.

> > 
> > The old 5.2 ebuild had dependencies on a whole load of Perl modules,
> > which I considered to be a bad move;  Create a separate ebuild
> > (dev-perl/BundleInterchange, or whatever) and depend upon that instead.
> > That way, people could make use of the Perl bundle, even if they wanted
> > to use the tar archive for Interchange itself.  You could set up some
> > sort of "kitchensink" USE flag too, while you're at it.
> >
> I'm not sure I agree with you here.  I think most Gentoo users would
> rather see each Perl module pulled in separately.  For example,
> if someone already has all the necessary Perl modules installed,
> there is no need to pull in BundleInterchange.  I do think that
> BundleInterchange deserves its own ebuild in Portage though.    
Well, if dev-perl/BundleInterchange contained nothing but a list of
dependencies then it would act in the same way as the CPAN
Bundle::Interchange bundle. Each module ebuild would be installed
individually, according to the dependency tree.

If a user already has all of the required modules then nothing would
happen.  If the user wants Interchange then the dependency tree would
drill through the bundle to find the modules.  If the user just wants
the bundle (so that IC can be installed manually) then that option would
be available too.

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