[ic] User Specified Price - revisited

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Tue Nov 28 16:57:50 EST 2006

Back in 2001 there was a thread about users being able to set the price,
and the solution was to use "gift certificates" code. That was fine for
a quick fix, but I have to do this in a more thought out way.

I have a non-profit that sells their own publications so I need to keep
gift certs the way they are so people can buy them and pass them around.
but I also need to create a product that is strictly a "donation" item
where the user sets the price. I like the concept of fixing the price to
"$1" and making the user set the quantity and "think" they are setting
the price, but I'm open to anything. 

Has anyone developed a way to create items as donations where the user
specifies the amount within the new "standard" store? any ideas?


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