[ic] Remote Database Connection Follow-up - Query Going Local in Certain Scripts

Andrew Baltino augustine.andrew at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 22:58:08 EDT 2006

>>Andrew Baltino wrote:
>> Thanks JT.  Sorry I am a little late in getting back to this.  I wish
>> I knew more about the structure and format of log_transaction.  The
>> query I use in the query tag decrements an inventory count, and it is
>> decrementing the count in the local table, and not the remote table.
>> However when put the query tag in a different part of the script,
>> basically further down in the script, or use a usertag to encapsulate
>> my query I get the error I sent.
>> Also, the tables with the same exist in both DBs the local and remote.
>> If I DROP the local table IC complains when I restart it.
>So you have a table called 'itemstat' in both the local DB and the
>remote one? That could be your problem. The Interchange code abstracts
>the tables and tends to refer to them as hash indexes and the like, so
>its behavior could indeed be confusing as the database is called in
>different ways.
>Perhaps consider re-naming the tables so that their names are less

This problem is only happening though in the log_transaction script.
In the scripts in the pages subdirectory there is no problem querying
and modifying the table's data.  Also, the situation there are really
two very similar sites, an Intranet and a Internet site.  The Intranet
has the same database name and table names since it is basically the
same site as the live site, but it needs to share this one table with
the live site.



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