[ic] Gentoo ebuild

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 22:37:52 EST 2006

> > I'd like to get an Interchange ebuild into Gentoo's Portage.  Does
> > anyone know if there has been any work done on building one thus far?
> >
> If you want to do that then go right ahead.  I'm sure that nobody will
> object.  I think that someone had a go at that a few years ago, but
> it was dropped from Portage due to a lack of maintenance.
> My Gentoo servers have multiple Interchange instances running, so I
> won't be using a packaged release; I install using either a released
> tar archive, or a tar archive of the latest development CVS version.
> Most of my live installations are running 5.5.0 (CVS).

Does the latest IC still use makemaker?


- Grant

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