[ic] Form Value Submit Problem

Postfix User postfixjob at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 10:31:31 EDT 2006

On 9/7/06, ic at 3edge.com <ic at 3edge.com> wrote:
> But as you do a onChange="checkout.submit()" it is only possible to set 1 of
> the shipping methods, as it will submit the page the moment you touch one of
> the 2 selects (xyz or abc) ... Of course I'm having limited info here, but
> if you say that people can select different shipping methods for different
> carts and I assume the xyz and abc are related to carts then there is only 1
> that will be taken ..   I'd probably help if you would c&p the HTML snippet
> here as there might lie the problem which you're overlooking ...


Here is the generated HTML, you will notice that the "abc_ship" select
menu has a selected value (3DS) and that the xyz_ship select menu does
not have any selected value.

<FORM ACTION="https://www.XXXXX.com" METHOD="POST">
<input type=hidden NAME=mv_doit       value=refresh>
<input type=hidden NAME=mv_nextpage   value="ord/checkout">
<input type=hidden name=mv_check      value="Save_database">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="mv_order_profile" VALUE="credit_card">

ABC Shop:
 Select Shipping Method:
 <SELECT NAME="abc_ship" onChange="checkout.submit()" SIZE="1">
   <OPTION VALUE="1DA">Next Day Air ($52.20)
   <OPTION VALUE="3DS" SELECTED>3-Day Saver ($13.20)
   <OPTION VALUE="GNDRES">Ground Residential ($8.16)


XYZ Shop:
 Select Shipping Method:
 <SELECT NAME="xyz_ship" onChange="checkout.submit()" SIZE="1">
   <OPTION VALUE="1DA">Next Day Air ($52.20)
   <OPTION VALUE="2DA">2-Day Air ($26.70)
   <OPTION VALUE="GNDRES">Ground Residential ($12.10)


Below you will see a [dump values] output.  This is from adding the
items to the individual carts and then selecting for ABC Shop "3Day
Select" (the form submits) and then selecting shipping for XYZ Shop
"Next Day Air" (the form submits) but does not appear to saving the
value to the session. Note that xyz_ship does not even have an entry
in the session values.

###### SESSION (values) #####
  'country' => 'US',
  'phone_day' => '',
  'mv_order_profile' => 'credit_card',
  'email' => '',
  'zip' => '33412',
  'mv_same_billing' => '1',
  'mv_action' => 'refresh',
  'mv_search_match_count' => 1,
  'abc_ship' => '3DS',
  'mv_session_id' => 'FVZUG3Fw'

###### END SESSION    #####

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