[ic] Display price Dynamically

Marty Tennison marty at sediva.com
Thu Sep 7 12:39:11 EDT 2006

Steve Bronson wrote:
> I'm using a fly page to display info on products including pricing.  In 
> the comment field for the item I use something like [price B-254]  
> (B-254 being the item number).
> When I look at the source code for the html page I see this
> [price B-254]
> which causes the price not to display.  Can anyone suggest a better way 
> to display pricing for an item, or how to solve this problem?
> thanks

The best way would be to edit the flypage.html file and put your tag in 
there since the flypage already knows what the product sku is you can 
use all the standard [item-???] tags including [price sku] tag.

By default interchange will not interpolate database data unless you 
specifically ask it to.  (this is for security reasons).  You can 
override this behavior with the

[pragma safe_data]

tag.  If you put that tag in the page then interchange will interpolate 
tags in the database fields.  (warning, security risks involved)

Information on pragmas can be found here...


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