[ic] Inconsistently unable to send with sendmail

JT Justman jt at signless.com
Fri Sep 15 14:56:14 EDT 2006

airdelights at earthlink.net wrote:
> I had this same problem for several years and struggled to find a
> solution. Ed LeFrance created code for the catalog configuration file
> that helped some, but still had missing emailed orders from the
> website.  I can say that we have not had a problem for about a year now
> since we changed over to RPC mode and that seemed to solve the problem. 
> You may try this, or ask JT who follows this list as he helped us to
> switch modes and bring an end to our sendmail woes.
> Steve at airdelights.com

Thanks for the segway Steve :)

This may indeed be the same problems we observed, although I recall that
the specific error was different. The problem seemed to be with too many
system calls happening as the order was finalized -- the problem got
worse as we added more e-mail notifications to our checkout. You can
search the archives and see the discussion back then. I made three

* Implemented a patch which caused Interchange to retry the failed
messages. It always worked on the second try when a failure occurred.
* Changed to use Net::SMTP pointing to localhost. This cut down on the
failures but there was still the odd failure.
* Switched the catalog to RPC mode, per Mike's advice. I held off for a
long time under the antiquated belief that it could cause problems with
my perl code and custom modules. It went smooth as silk and after that,
we had no more problems.

Good luck!


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