[ic] Tax Exempt

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Sep 20 10:06:21 EDT 2006

At 08:49 AM 9/20/2006, you wrote:
>On 09/20/2006 06:35 AM, Mike Heins wrote:
> >> return 0 if tag_data('userdb', 'tax_exempt', $Vend::Session->{username});
> >>
> >
> > Except we don't hardcode stuff like that in the core....this would
> > be an impossible change.
>True, it was a bad suggestion, I was basically just answering his
>question but not addressing the merits of what he wanted to do.

Thanks for the reformat of the code - I'm still studying the other 
options, at least now I have the proper, or another method to access 
the database tables in Perl.


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