[ic] Date widget reverse years

Ton Verhagen ton at verhagen.net
Wed Sep 20 12:41:31 EDT 2006

Quoting Jon Jensen:
>On Tue, 19 Sep 2006, Ton Verhagen wrote:
>>It would be nice to have HH, MM, and SS select boxes added to the widget
>>and store data as YYYYMMDDHHMMSS instead of the YYYYMMDD:HHMM format
>>as used by the date_time option.
>>Maybe as an extra option: date_hhmmss ?
>I think that sounds good. Do you already have a patch for it?

No, not yet, but I was thinking about separate pulldown boxes
for hours (0..23), minutes (0..59), and seconds (0..59)

Subroutine round_to_fifteen() is called in the code of the date widget
just before the time is handled. It should not be there imho as
eg. a value like 11 minutes would not be possible...

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