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Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Fri Sep 29 04:54:24 EDT 2006


Does anyone have any pointers regarding open source point of sale software?

I have a real gripe with expensive software at the moment. I lost a hard drive, and xp setup couldn't read the data - or more to the point told me that access was denied. When the disk was mounted under windows the directory listing was like:

Finally using the ntfs kernel and linux I retrieved almost everything.


Next I needed to design a cover for my next book, and after trying every adobe product in frustration I now do a great job exporting openoffice layout to pdf with millimetre accuracy.

I just met a potential customer but he is having trouble getting point of sale set up for a reasonable price (he's a programmer too with a Health Food Store).

I don't really want to learn php or java at this stage, because I am DOING ecommerce at the moment rather than inventing the wheel again and again.

Is there any open source software which will cover a merchant's needs for point of sale using the skills required to run  a server and Interchange (ie perl and unix or dos and mysql) ?


Frank Reitzenstein.

www.goldissue.com Ecommerce Consulting

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