[ic] Interchange UPS Zone file change and update

Greg Rasberry at Razcon grasberry at razcon.com
Mon Apr 23 16:24:34 EDT 2007

We are using Interchange 5.4.1 and have obtained a UPS Zone file for our
area (emailed requests to UPS for Zone files, do get a good reply with the
needed zip file).

We added (for example) our new 910.csv to the ./products and
./products/ship/ folders.  But this did not add them to the shipping table
selection drop down in the admin menu (UPS Zone Chart).  We also have just
tried copying over the 450.csv with a renamed 910.csv zone file to use the
correct data but the shipping rates did not seem to change. We also did an
admin area “Apply changes” and an Interchange restart as well.

So, we are looking for some input or a reference to a quick how-to for
getting UPS shipping calculations to work properly for our zip code area.

Thanks in advance.

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