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Mon Apr 23 18:18:43 EDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-04-23 at 13:55 -0600, Jon Jensen wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Apr 2007, mail wrote:
> > What is the scope of the "value" tag? Can I use it to set the values of 
> > a bunch of cgi variables in forms across many pages?
> Yes. It's just a sub-part of the session hash.
> > Then I need to clear out form variables then load new values from saved
> > data in a table.
> >
> > step one clear out the old values:
> > [calc]
> >         $Values = {};
> >         return;
> > [/calc]
> > This clears out all the form values in the entire session right?
> No, that replaces the $Values hashref with an empty one, but doesn't 
> remove the values from the main session hashref. Instead, do:
> %$Values = ();
> That's an empty list, not an empty anonymous hash.
> > step two load new values from table:
> > Can I just loop through the table and set the with [value] tags? or is
> > there a special way to set values in the session.
> > After that, I have many form pages.  page one has one form and 5
> > checkboxes, page two has another form and 5 different check boxes. I
> > need to set the values of all 10 checkboxes in one shot from the table.
> Normally people set values with [update values] after a form post; that 
> copies CGI parameters into values space in the session so they're 
> available on subsequent pages.
> Jon

Thanks Jon
wow I do have [update values] in place. and only the values on the
current page are updated. 

This site is very close to being live and here it is:

you have to stop part way through and "save for later"
if you "reload the survey" then it works fine.
but if you log out and/or clear out your cookies and log back in, the
only values that stick are the ones on the current question.  you can
see that all your other answer values do get loaded (top of page)

Sorry for the real site specific problem and I understand if there are
no replies but I am really desperate for help here. This is supposed to
be live today!


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