[ic] Shipping charge getting "stuck"

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Sun Aug 12 12:38:14 EDT 2007

I'm running 5.4.2 and a modified foundation store. My shipping charges
are based on price, but I have several virtual items for which I do not
want to charge any shipping.

I assigned these virtual items a weight of zero in the products table,
and I thought the following code added to include/checkout/shopping_cart
would do the trick

[if type=explicit compare="[summary format='%s' total=1]"]
[comment]do nothing[/comment]
[assign shipping=0]

This does work, however if a non-virtual item is then added to the cart,
the shipping remains at zero instead of getting calculated by price.

Why does the shipping get "stuck" at zero, even after the total weight
of the items in the cart becomes non-zero? Can anyone suggest a solution?

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