[ic] how to build the left side nav menu?

boll boll at sonic.net
Sat Feb 3 10:46:38 EST 2007

I'm using Interchange 5.4.1 with MySQL 5.0.27 on Fedora 5.
After importing my products, they are visible on the pages and in admin, 
but the left-side navigation menu remains from the hardware demo.

I tried using 'Layout Editor Auto-populate', and see this error in the 
catalog error log: XBR7nchY: - [03/February/2007:07:00:05 -0800] develop 
/cgi-bin/develop/admin/layout.html search error: search file 'area' is 
not a valid database reference.
I see this happens with my store, and also with the original demo store.

I notice that it's labeled a 'Legacy Tool'. Is there a better way to 
create the navigation?
If not, should there be an 'area' table? When and how is it created?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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