[ic] Details of limiting matches

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Sat Feb 17 15:18:41 EST 2007

IC 5.4.2/mysql. I have more than 500,000 entries in my products table,
but even so, the form below returns results very quickly as long as the
number of matches is rather low.

              <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_searchtype VALUE=text>
              <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_matchlimit VALUE=100>
              <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_max_matches VALUE=1000>
              <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_sort_field VALUE=category>
              <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_column_op VALUE=rm>
              <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_case VALUE=no>
              <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_substring_match VALUE=yes>
              <INPUT NAME=mv_searchspec type=text value="SEARCH">
              <input type="image" src="go.gif">

But when the number of matches is large (say 100,000 or more), the
number matches returned is indeed limited to the first 1000, but the
first page of results still takes quite a while to load. After the first
page does finally load, the "more" links respond quite quickly. I was
hoping that the search would abort after the first 1000 matches were
counted and that would speed things up, but apparently that's not how it

Can anyone suggest a way to keep searches which will result in a large
number of matches from taking so long, for example by aborting the
search once a certain number of matches is exceeded, or by preventing it
from running in the first place so I can display a "please refine" message?


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