[ic] Which Linux are you using?

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Mon Jan 15 19:20:45 EST 2007

On 01/15/2007 03:52 PM, Sam Nguyen wrote:
> My company is currently running Interchange 5.4.1 on Red Hat Enterprise
> Linux, but we are thinking of switching to a different distro (right now
> thinking Ubuntu or SUSE). May I ask which Linux distributions you are
> all using to run your Interchange in production, and how that is working
> for you? Thanks!

What are your reasons for wanting to switch?

I know of people who run IC on RHEL, Centos, Fedora Core, Gentoo Debian
and even FreeBSD (though I wouldn't recommend FreeBSD).  I don't know of
anyone who runs it on SUSE or Ubuntu, but I doubt that you'd have
problems.  I run IC on Centos (for production) and FC3 (for testing).

If you're switching away from RHEL to avoid the costs of upgrading or of
a license, then try Centos, that's basically RHEL repackaged under a
different name (and without the licensing costs), it is identical to
RHEL in nearly every way and fully compatible with RHEL source and
binary RPMs.  Then you'll not have to re-learn the intricacies of a new

Gentoo is also a good distro if you are willing to spend the time to set
it up properly (it does take a while, especially the first time you do
it.  I'd give yourself a good week or two to get it all set up properly
the first time.  An occasional emerge world and it will never have to be
re-installed or upgraded to a newer version, ever as Gentoo only has one
version which is constantly kept up to date.

Good luck,


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