[ic] Re: Which Linux are you using?

Sam Nguyen sam at insidework.net
Tue Jan 16 12:34:27 EST 2007

>> My company is currently running Interchange 5.4.1 on Red Hat 
>> Enterprise Linux, but we are thinking of switching to a different 
>> distro (right now thinking Ubuntu or SUSE)...

> What are your reasons for wanting to switch?

Our main reason for switching is that RHEL requires buying licenses for
each server and workstation just to get updates. 
It sounds to me like IC runs on any GNU/Linux/BSD platform, which is
good in that it seems like I won't run into any distro-specific problems
(except maybe Ubuntu, I haven't heard from anyone on that). 
The downside is that I didn't get to eliminate any options =)

Thanks for all your input! What a great community.

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