[ic] Re: Which Linux are you using?

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Tue Jan 16 13:28:47 EST 2007

Sam Nguyen wrote:
>> >> My company is currently running Interchange 5.4.1 on Red Hat 
>> >> Enterprise Linux, but we are thinking of switching to a
>> >> different distro (right now thinking Ubuntu or SUSE)...
>> > What are your reasons for wanting to switch?
>> Our main reason for switching is that RHEL requires buying licenses
>> for each server and workstation just to get updates.  It sounds to
>> me like IC runs on any GNU/Linux/BSD platform, which is good in
>> that it seems like I won't run into any distro-specific problems
>> (except maybe Ubuntu, I haven't heard from anyone on that). The
>> downside is that I didn't get to eliminate any options =)

If the cost is your only objection to RHEL then you might consider
CentOS, which is based on RHEL but has no license fee.


The only issue I have had with Red Hat derived distributions is their
insistence on a threaded Perl.  Red Hat is sadly not alone here,
however.  Because of this I started looking for an alternative.  I
thought Gentoo would be too steep a learning curve for me but I was
pleasantly surprised.  There is certainly learning to be done but I'd
strongly suggest you look into Gentoo:



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