[ic] Best way to save cart?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 12:54:58 EDT 2007

> > I added a shopping_cart field and I'm trying:
> >
> > [userdb database="users" function="set_cart"
> > carts_field="shopping_cart" nickname="saved_cart" target="test"]
> >
> > but nothing is ever written to that shopping_cart field.  I've tried
> > setting up a userdb table and removing the database parameter, and
> > I've tried with and without the nickname and target fields, all with
> > no luck.  There is nothing in the error.log.  Any idea what might be
> > wrong?
> Just so we don't miss the obvious, did you export the userdb back to
> text file? (Assuming that you are checking the shopping_cart field in
> userdb.txt) ?

Yes definitely.  I didn't change the definition of the shopping_cart
field in dbconf/mysql/users.mysql from the default, but in my
experience, it should write something and then truncate it.  There's
nothing in that field at all.

- Grant

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