[ic] Importing products.txt

Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Sat Jul 21 08:00:56 EDT 2007


Since I started using Interchange we have rarely used the user interface
much. I have written a menu for my clients which creates files like
products.txt and then ftps to the products directory.

I suggested to one client that we should do away with products.txt
altogether, and start using direct sql to the server.

However we are finding that the contents of products.txt is being
imported - overwriting any remote changes.

I thought this might be any one of a number of scripts which I have
created - triggered by a change in products.txt which import the data
via sql.

However blanking /etc/crontab does not prevent these updates from occuring.

Is there some way of governing the behaviour of interchange to ignore
files like products.txt, allowing changes to be updated through mysql only?


Frank Reitzenstein.

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