[ic] Paypal Module Debugging

William Fiore william.fiore at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 09:33:06 EST 2007

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com wrote:

>My email system is working as expected - receiving confirmation &
>cancellation email.

Steve, mine finally worked. I guess Gmail's server was down yesterday
for quite some time and my confirmations did not come through until
about 6 hours later.

>Hmmm.....  I'm not allowing it at present. I guess part of Paypal's
>uniqueness is that the ship-to address has been verified as a
>legitimate address - shouldn't even need to be validated. I think if
>they want to ship to a different address - they can use the standard
>credit card payments system..... Just my opinion....

I realized the problem after going through Lyn's
http://dev.zolotek.net/multi demo. I had just copied my regular
chekout page so Paypal was populating a form that could then be edited
by the customer. I would like to have a checkout like the one found on
http://dev.zolotek.net/multi. Where the only field the customer can
change is the shipping method. Do you have an example paypalcheckout
page like that you could post or email me?

Let me know if you are able to figure out how to populate the
"pptransactionid" and "ppcorrelationid"

Thank you for all your help


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