[ic] Platform compatability question

JT Justman jt at signless.com
Fri Mar 16 00:00:16 EST 2007

Michael Schulewski wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> Is it possible to run interchange on a Unix server that will
> interoperate with a Microsoft IIS based web server?
> If it is, what configuration activity must take place on both the
> Microsoft IIS and Unix/Interchange hosts?

Peter may be on to one approach, but perhaps there is a different way to
look at this.

I'm not sure exactly what compels you to run IIS, but have you
considered placing the Unix server in front and forwarding whatever
requests back to the IIS server? Or simply spinning off the IIS part to
a different URI, if it's not something that needs to be indexed by
search engines? Just shooting in the dark, but I have an instinctual
fight-or-flight reaction when people talk about running IIS.

(As an aside, the last IIS I touched was version 3, so I'm hardly
qualified to make an objective value judgment.)


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