[ic] Re: Interchange 5.4.2 released

Toni Mueller support-ic at oeko.net
Sat Mar 17 11:04:00 EST 2007


On Tue, 06.02.2007 at 21:51:16 -0700, Jon Jensen <jon at endpoint.com> wrote:
> The software and a more detailed change log are available here:

after I upgraded from a customized 5.4.1 to a stock 5.4.2, my IC engine
doesn't like to configure my site anymore at system startup. Doing it
manually works fine, however. On automatic startup, I find this in

 shop1 config error: Please specify the Message directive in the configuration file 'catalog.cfg'
 shop1: config error. Skipping.

I added a Message statement to my catalog.cfg and rebooted the server,
but to no avail.

Manually restarting Interchange from a shell makes everything work
smooth (again). I'd prefer very much if Interchange could survive
reboots alone, however.

This is on OpenBSD 4.0/i386.

Any ideas, please?


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