[ic] Re: 2007 UPS Rates will not be available on the web in ASCII

Mark Walther waltron at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 19 14:53:37 EST 2007

Steve Graham wrote:

>> > That's a pain that UPS has done that. Thanks for calling them and 
>> sharing
>> > the info. If we voice our complaints, maybe they'll bring back the 
>> > versions, or at least post the Excel versions they gave you.
>> last time I looked, I was under the impression that they wanted
>> everyone to sign up for a "developer" programme of some sort.
> Not sure if this would work, but you might be able to use one of the 
> pdf to word converter programs available, then copy in to excel.
> -Steve
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I just talked to UPS, they said if you send them a email  they will send 
you a CSV  and/or Excel formatted file.  In the Subject line you need to 
state: that you are requesting the 2007 Rate and/or Zone information and 
which file format you are requesting.  The support tech. said in the 
Body, you could include a request for ASCII file format to be brought 
back.  I hope this helps.


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