[ic] mixed up catalog.cfg files

Dan Bergan danb at berganconsulting.com
Wed May 9 11:27:22 EDT 2007

Hello All -

I made a big error yesterday and loaded a catalog.cfg file for a test
catalog into my live catalog (and restarted).  I quickly realized my
error and put the correct file back in place and restarted the
catalog.  Everything looked to be running fine again.

However, when I looked at the error.log, I saw this (when applying the
incorrect cfg file):
- - - [08/May/2007:17:25:53 -0400] - - table orderline created: create
table orderline (
> code char(14) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
> store_id varchar(9) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,

There were a few other tables as well.

Then I noticed that the last two years worth of transactions and
orderline records were gone from my database!  It also looks like
about 5 months worth of userdb records are missing as well.

I do have a backup, but why would some of the records be deleted?  I
just want to understand what happened so I can make sure I fix/restore
everything correctly.


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