[ic] New Site Setup Request

dl man dlman_1999 at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 14:28:37 EDT 2007

I am requesting some assistance in setting up a new Interchange site.

I used interchange about 7 years ago and have forgotten allot.

The site is going to be used to sell marketing materials ( Business cards, Brochures, etc ) No more than 10 items.

The ideal scenerio for me would be to establish a relationship with someone that would like ongoing support work ( an half hour here and a hour there type support ).

Please respond to my e-mail with contact info and hourly rates and availability.

Initially I would need help configuring the following:
1. Item Setup
2. Shipping Calculation
3. Tax Calculation
4. Credit Card payment Integration
5. Changing default logos on site ( I can get the graphics done )
6. Setup all Automatic E-mail corrspondence ( for example order receipts )

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