[ic] Capture-page and Internal Server error - too many pages?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Tue May 29 00:13:44 EDT 2007

IC 5.4, Apache 1.3 (IIRC)

My code below generates about 430 pages. If I isolate each capture-page in
that script and run it (in the loop as-is), it runs fine generating about
144 files. If I run all three together, I get an Internal Server Error.  My
ISE's used to be because I was IF'ing an 09 and I found there is a perl
octal confusion there - so, I have since fixed these (going about them in a
completely different way). However when I run all three as below I still
get an ISE however with no more errors logging.

Does anyone know if it might be the number of files being generated? I
noticed that when I run one capture instance in the loop it outputs the
pages to that page, which I was not expecting. Can it be the 400+ pages
trying to be pushed to the browser causing this? Or the 400+ pages is too
much for the script (server side)? I am not sure if I should wrap the whole
thing in [tmp] to suppress the output... I did not want to try it in fear
of creating some memory usage spike that has consequences I don't know

[tmpn card_code][/tmpn]
[tmpn front_type][/tmpn]
[tmpn back_type][/tmpn]
[tmpn started][/tmpn]
[tmpn lastone][/tmpn]

[loop list="01..36" ranges=1]
[seti card_code][loop-code][/seti]
[loop-alternate last_only][set lastone]1[/set][/loop-alternate]
[loop-alternate except_first][set started]1[/set][/loop-alternate]

    [loop prefix=clear list="01..36" ranges=1][tmp
    [seti x[loop-code]]_on[/seti]

    [loop prefix=front list="a s"]
    [seti front_type][front-code][/seti]

        [loop prefix=back list="t c"]
        [seti back_type][back-code][/seti]

            [capture-page page="se1/frame_def"
file="se1/[loop-code]_[front-code][back-code].html" auto_create_dir=1
            [capture-page page="se1/nav_frame"
file="se1/[loop-code]_[front-code][back-code]n.html" hide=1]
            [capture-page page="se1/view_frame"
file="se1/[loop-code]_[front-code][back-code]v.html" hide=1]






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