[ic] Shipping Call From Perl

Cameron B. Prince cplists at princeservices.com
Fri Nov 9 16:20:11 EST 2007

Hey guys,

I've noticed this in the past and have just worked around it, but now it's
really becoming a pain. The problem is when I call $Tag->shipping({ mode =>
'RAGCA' }) versus [shipping mode="RAGCA"].

The ITL call works fine. The perl call produces this error:

Shipping mode 'RAGCA': bad formula. Returning 0.

To try and troubleshoot the problem, I reduced the shipping.asc file to a
single line:

RAGCA   Ground   20        0       74.99   f 10

The shipping calculation is a flat rate for a set number of ranges and is
based on the subtotal. The 20 value there normally has [subtotal noformat=1]
but I hard set the value for troubleshooting.

While adjusting values and trying things, I believe I narrowed the error to
the cost column where "f 10" is.

Any ideas?


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