[ic] What am I missing for COD Handling Charges?

Norm Dressler norm at dressler.ca
Mon Nov 12 16:43:28 EST 2007

I read through some of the older posts on COD charges but I'm missing
something and perhaps it has changed in the newer versions.

I have added the following to my shipping.asc:
cod     handling cod    Price   0       9999999999      m {'adder'=>
"8.00",}          {'PriceDivide' => "1",}

Modified my payment_select and payment_select_multi so that on change it
submits.  When I change to COD I see the new line for handling show up
in the cart summary.

The problem I'm having is that it isn't picking up the dollar amount.

One of the old posts suggested to put this at the beginning of the
payment_select files:

[comment]add this near the top of the page[/comment]
[if value payment_method eq 'cod']
[and !value mv_handling]
         [value name=mv_handling set="cod" hide=1]  ## I modified this line to reflect the name given to it in the shipping.asc file

I reconfigured the catalog and even restarted Interchange but I'm still getting just 0.00 for the cod charge.

Thanks in advance.


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