[ic] Problem is standard store welcome page

ic at 3edge.com ic at 3edge.com
Thu Nov 15 18:19:25 EST 2007

kim Gross writes: 

>>>> - Clicked Menu in the top
>>>> - Chose 'Products' in the right selection pulldown
>>>> - Made changes
>>>> - Published
>>>> - Had a cup of tea
>>>> - Reloaded
>>>> - New Menu showed up.
>> This does not read: Loged in as admin.   Click go to catalog ....
>> But you should not be calling the menu you are saving 'index' ... In the 
>> demo the menu name is 'Products' ...You could of course create 'index' as 
>> a new (tree) Menu and then edit the product_tree component on index.html 
>> (through 'Content' in the top navigation) to point at 'index' instead of 
>> 'Products'.  Then once all done make sure you wait a couple of minutes as 
>> it is not created directly (timed-build of 5 minutes).
>> As this all is probably seeming a bit too complex, just go with the steps 
>> above (of course you can have a coffee instead of tea :)) ...
>> To prove my point:
>> http://demo.icdevgroup.org/i/demo1/index.html
>> should only show 'test'  in the menu ...
>> The only 'flaw' I'd say is that when you click the 'edit menu' button it 
>> should pop-up directly the current menu instead of letting you create a 
>> new one. 
> Thank you very much for the help.  Is there any way to know what the name 
> of the menu is before you edit it?  I though I was editing the index menu 
> since I was on the index page, so after I did a menu load, I was saving it 
> as index rather than products. 

The following is found in the component (through content - component editor 
 - Product tree component):
[menu tree-selector="[control tree_selector Products]" 

This tells that it either wants the tree_selector control setting and if 
that one is not provided to use 'Products' by default. 

In the case of the demo it is actually set to Products which you can find by 
going to content - index.html - components - Products Tree component, where 
it says:
Tree name
value  Products 

Now if you went ahead with creating the 'index' menu, transforming it to a 
'tree menu' ("Set tree mode" in Menu Editor), it would be showing up as an 
option besides Products and catalog/top  .... 



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