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Paul Jordan jordan at gishnetwork.com
Mon Nov 19 12:26:40 EST 2007

interchange-users-bounces at icdevgroup.org wrote:
> i am new to interchange, one thing i want to know does
> everybody build there store from scratch or do they
> just edit the standard store.

I think it is probably more accurate to say most people *install* the Demo
store. Even when building an application I install the Demo store, then remove
all the pages. Installing Demo puts all the little things where they need to go
for IC to be happy, and of course throws in all the good example methods for
doing common things, login in, etc.

Whether or not you keep all or any of the *pages* is up to you. Installing Demo
give you a safe quick base, IMO. You can be up and running with something
completely custom in a week when you don't have to worry about creating all the
mundane files and directories buried within.

Right now you are running into a problem that is good if you are wanting to
learn this inner aspect of IC (which you can obviously and easily skip) but bad
if you intent is to get up and running.

That said I do know a few people personally that have built it from scratch
however I believe it was only done as a practice of discipline and learning.

Building from scratch will prove hard your first time, but probably a great
learning experience. Cannibalizing Demo will be easier to learn because it will
isolate your errors/problems as you go.

Paul Jordan

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