[ic] interchange.pid

Brian Pribis brian.pribis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 16:48:31 EST 2007

> If there's a better workaround or fix than the one shown above, then I'm
> all for it, but I would venture to say that it would be worth it to
> implement the above workaround just for Sun and other SYS V systems that
> have the same issues.  We could flag it with an environment variable so
> it only gets done on those systems that really need it (I would say a
> configuration variable, but I don't think we've even read any config at
> that point).  Let's just make sure that the ps command we use is as
> portable as we can make it.
> Peter

I wrote and tested the script to shut down IC on sun and restart it.  It 
isn't the best looking but it works.  I'll spruce it up if it turns out 
more people need it (I didn't want to spend a ton of time on it if it 
was only for just me).   Where should I stick it ;)


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