[ic] Object Saved Wrong / IC5.4.2

Darryl Dueck ddueck at palliser.ca
Thu Nov 29 16:23:50 EST 2007

Found the answer to my own question

>We're seeing the following error (with alarming frequency)
> ICDIf5me: - [24/October/2007:11:30:48 -0500]
>eq3 /cat-eq3/scan/MM=9fc873ee8cdc537455d6c511fd49956f:16:31:16.html
>search error: Object saved wrong in
>511fd49956f for search ID ICDIf5me.9fc873ee8cdc537455d6c511fd49956f.

Here's the fix.  As usual, our feet have some holes in them.

We weren't generating all HREFs using the [area] tag. We were instead
just using "relative" links.

So - we would start by visiting www.foo.com, and on to viewing the
product catalog, which would generate a product listing of N items,
along with the [more-list] code at the bottom to show the [1][2][3]

The problem is that the links for the "next" page are generated by
interchange, and it uses the __SERVER_URL__ variable, which just
happened to be "foo.com" (no leading "www").  Thus, the link for the
next page would be foo.com, instead of something like www.foo.com.
Ergo, we uld be getting a security violation, because the file would
exist, but for the wrong domain.  Oops.


You're surfing the site, and looking at products, etc.   A typical URL

Then when you want to go to the next page of a particular category, it
takes you to to this link


SOLUTION: Make sure all HREFs are generated with HREF=[area ] tags.


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