[ic] Intermittent 500 on "Submit Order"

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 04:19:52 EDT 2007

> > I'm seeing intermittent 500 errors when someone clicks the "Submit
> > Order" button.  It seems to happen only when submitting an order.  It
> > can happen regardless of the payment method, so it isn't a problem
> > with GPG.  The backend processes of the order placement always seem to
> > go through fine, but the customer is not seeing the order receipt
> > page.
> How is the e-mail being handled, is it in your receipt page also? Or at
> what point in the process? What, if any, mail is received? What mail
> method is being used? I used to get some errors when sending too many
> mail in the order process, which was improved slightly by using
> Net::SMTP, and then cured by using RPC mode.
> Try to add some debugging statements, and use what you know to find out
> exactly where it fails. There was an excellent thread a couple weeks
> ago, 'one store gone nuts' - where debugging was discussed in-depth.
> Good luck,
> JT

I think you might be right about email sending being the root of my
problem here.  I haven't seen one of these 500s since I put a stop to
form mail spam.  We'll see how it goes.  I'd like to switch to RPC
mode if that cleared it up for you, but I'm on 5.2 and there is a bug
that prevents op=tq from working with RPC mode.

I'll keep the list posted on how this goes.

- Grant

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