[ic] Interchange problem after the server move

Music music at labyrinth.net.au
Thu Oct 18 21:04:34 EDT 2007

> We solved that error by replacing some files from the backup of the old
> server from which we transfered the account. Now only one error in the
> checkout page. In the checkout page below the columns where Shipping
> Address (primary) details to be entered, there is an error:
> =============================
> Note: No match found for mode 'usps', quantity '', returning 0.
> =============================

Check permissions and file ownerships on all files and directories, in this 
case catalog/storename/products and catalog/storename/products/shipping  The 
interchange daemon must be able to read the files.

Then reconfig the catalog.

If permissions are Ok you could try placing this code somewhere before the 
cart on checkout page.

If you are using more current Standard store type catalog you could try it 
at the top of this file: catalogs/storename/includes/checkout/shopping_cart

[tmp shipcost][shipping noformat=1][/tmp]
[if scratch shipcost == 0]
         [value name=mv_shipmode set="some_mode" hide=1]

(Thanks Ed)

Change some_mode to the shipping mode you would prefer to be default.

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