[ic] RPC mode not so reliable?

Ron Phipps ron at endpoint.com
Sun Oct 28 13:04:15 EST 2007

Grant wrote:
>>> I've switched to RPC mode to prevent intermittent 500 errors in my
>>> catalog, but now when I browse my catalog there comes a time when the
>>> server will not respond.  Restarting IC always fixes it.  I'm on 5.2.
>>> Is an upgrade the preferred solution, or is that unlikely to make a
>>> difference?  I'm using the following settings:
>>> PreFork                 Yes
>>> StartServers            5
>>> MaxServers              0
>>> MaxRequestsPerChild     100
>>> HouseKeeping            2
>>> PIDcheck                120
>>> - Grant
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>> Hello Grant,
>> I can't remember if I've offered this advice to you before or not, but have you tried running in high traffic mode, but setting MaxServers to 0 (this is the default in the latest ICs)?  Here are the settings we run for FrozenCPU:
>> Variable  TRAFFIC  high
>> ifdef TRAFFIC =~ /high/i
>> Message High traffic settings.
>> HouseKeeping 2
>> #MaxServers   10
>> MaxServers   0
>> PIDcheck     600
>> endif
>> Do the IC or Apache logs saying anything about what the cause of those intermittent 500 errors might be?  We've found that most versions of IC, running on the latest perl, to be stable.
> Hi Ron,
> I have tried high mode with MaxServers 0 but I still get the 500s.  No
> clues in error.log or error_log besides:
> Connection reset by peer at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Interchange/Link.pm
> I do use Interchange::Link so maybe that has something to do with it.
> Running in RPC mode did seem to fix it.  I'd like to give it more time
> to be sure, but IC is hanging and requiring a restart every 8 hours or
> so under RPC mode.  I use Gentoo and all of my software is completely
> up to date except for IC.
> - Grant

Hi Grant,

Have you tried running with tlink/vlink instead of Interchange::Link to see if you still experience issues?  We've had the best success running with the cgi programs.  If you need rewrite rules to use with the cgi linker for cleaner url's let me know.


Ron Phipps
End Point Corporation
ron at endpoint.com

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